Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gifted Published!!!


What a fantastic moment in my life! I have done so many things, been so many places, experienced so much and I have never made any money lol! I know, you wonder how I could do so much with so little, well, I will let you know real quick before I go into my book details. I became a foster child at the age of 7 so I experienced a lifestyle most people are not familiar with. When I got out of high school, I went back to KS and really had a chance to get to know my bio family, which in the end only one really connected with me. I joined the Coast Guard at the age of 23 and sailed up and down the east coast seeing everything from Mexico to the Bearing Sea. After going to Class A school, I was stationed in Philadelphia and got a taste of the NE way of life (Not for me). After four years in the military, I went to Colorado. I ended up back in TN where I had graduated high high school. Got married at the age of 30, managed a Putt Putt Golf for four years, worked in manufacturing, car sales, and a variety of other jobs including going over the road as a truck driver. I have gone through two marriages and had custody of my daughter Miranda who has stood by me through thick and thin all the while earning my love and devotion. Together, we have had adventures of near homelessness and fun times that make the stability most families have seem boring. Now, I have explained all this because it is the culmination of it all that lead me to writing. I have done poetry on Friend Family Poetry (you can find it online) and have always wanted to do something beyond ordinary with my talents and imagination. I have always believed that my life has been so erratic for a reason and I think it is because all that has happened to me (many things I will never talk about) has given me an exceptional mind geared toward dreaming and imagination. With this given talent, I finally decided to write a book that would fulfill the dream I had to accomplish something that would live on past me (besides my children, yes there are others but if I were to dwell on every detail of my whole life then I would be writing a biography and if I did that you would have to pay to read it and you don't want to do that on a blog site, it just would not make sense...oh, I digress).

So here we are!!  I wrote my book, it took three and a half years to finish, I wrote it, I edited it (thus any errors you may find is explained) and I even designed the book cover which contains my own hand! It is a story about John and Mike and how their lives changed when they were gifted by Andy, a young man who has an ability to grant someone powers with a simple touch. There are people who are "vampire like" that seek to be gifted by Andy so they kidnap him in an attempt to force him to gift them also. When that does not work, they bleed him in hopes of using his blood instead. It lays upon Mike, John, and others whom Andy has gifted to rescue him. This is the first of what will be a trilogy. I am excited as I already have the second book in my head and it is just waiting to be put into book form!!

Here is the cover I made, yes, I am sure it can be better. But remember, this is my first time making a book cover and I am at this time about as poor as JK Rowling was when she wrote Harry Potter!!

If you are intersed in reading a copy of my book, I will include a copy of the link to the Amazon link below. Soon, I will have it published on Barnes & Noble also!!


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