Sunday, December 30, 2012

     Sales are trickling in after my promo. However, with sales come reviews and I finally received my second review. This one was a bad one. I choose to accept all reviews, good or bad, as a learning experience provided they are competent. This review was done well and pointed out some rather large flaws in Gifted. After thinking about it, I decided to revise the book and polish it up further before doing a final editing of it. Once I am satisfied that I have it as good as I can get it, short of rewriting it, I will republish it.
     Although I have been told by another author not to revise it, I feel that since it is early on and it is not selling a lot yet, now is the time to do it if I want to. Besides, I do not want it to go to paperback with these discrepancies. Although the people buying it now are not getting the book as polished as I would like, I feel all future customers should be given that opportunity as I learn more and more each day.
     My biggest problem in the book is in the fight scenes. I thought they had been done well but once I was given another viewpoint, I was able to see many redundant terms. Especially with the terms "the man", "the first man", "the second man", and "the other man". Although I still make use of the terms, I have found other ways to name the attackers or eliminate where possible.
     I am far from being Steven King or any professional author with years of experience nor do I have my own editor so I do not expect my work to be anywhere near perfect. But I will continue to learn and improve Gifted and eventually republish it for everyone to read and hopefully enjoy as, in the end, it is the story they are buying.

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