Friday, December 28, 2012

     My second FREE promo on Amazon has come to an end. After two promos there was a total of 777 downloads worldwide. I think that is pretty good overall considering this is my first book and I am a total unknown. Sales are slow but I know they will pick up over time as word of mouth hopefully does it's thing.
I played with price and decided in the end to put it at $2.99 and leave it there. I am so new to all of this so I can't give too much advise but here is a few tips from what I have learned.
     Create a Facebook page if you don't already have one.
     On Facebook, search Kindle, cheap ebooks, ebooks, books, authors, and any other related words you can think of. Many of the results will be populated with potential customers. Almost all of them will allow an occasional post about your book. Be careful not to post too often, I posted twice in one day on one page because I changed my price and was reported for spam. So plan your posting and word it as perfectly as you can.
     Join a forum, so far, my favorite one is Kindleboards, they have a section just for authors and the rest of the site is all readers. It is a great place to mingle with prospective customers. Get involved in the forums. Read the rules carefully and follow their guidelines. I have found the site to be a great place to learn and grow as an author, editor, and promoter.
     Try not to become obsessed with how many sales or downloads you have. If you are reading this, you are probably new also. There is an ocean of books out there, many have a good head start and unless you get a couple good customers with a huge fan base, you will have to claw your way like the rest of us to get your numbers up.
     Write more books. After all, isn't that what we started out to do anyway? I know when I started GIFTED, my only interest was to be able to proudly say that I actually wrote a book. I wanted to be somebody, to be able to type my name on Google and see ME!! Well, I succeeded. Now I want to finish my trilogy. Then, I am thinking about doing small stories about each character. But that is a thought, one to file in the Jim Ellis archives.
     Once you have all this done, try to get more reviews for your book. Many sites on line will not advertise for you without them. Research on line to find these sites. Use them if you can. It is getting harder as more and more indie writers enter this new world.
     Another thing that I am going to do is write more query letters. My book is not exploding so I have nothing to lose. There are plenty of agents out there that accept email queries. Chances are that most or all of the letters will be rejected, but it is a definite "no" if I don't at least try.
     Well, that is it for now. Time to get back to writing GIFTED: BIRTH OF A VAMPIRE!! (tentatively named). Good luck and see you again soon!

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